Protect Your Prezi!

***NOTE: This article applies to Prezi Classic. Scroll down to view the update for Prezi Next (April 2017.)

It breaks my heart to hear about crucial Prezi presentations that have been lost into the online ether. Whether this is caused by computer glitches, human error, or Internet gremlins, it can cause no end of grief. If you’ve got a sales meeting, keynote, master’s thesis, or any other presentation that absolutely can’t go wrong, take measures to ensure that you don’t accidentally lose it.

Back Up Your Prezi Files Offline

The only foolproof way to back up your prezi is by storing it on a local drive. Anything stored in the Cloud runs the risk of being compromised. As reliable as the Internet is, it’s not unheard of for parts of it to break. A recent outage of the Amazon S3 cloud storage service put Prezi out of commission for over four hours.

I could almost hear the collective gasp of millions of frantic Prezi users. The only ones who weren’t gnashing their teeth were those who had the foresight to purchase a Prezi Pro License. For less than $200 per year you can use the desktop version of Prezi and download your files to the safety of your own local storage device. You can still use the software online, but Prezi Pro gives you the option of syncing with your desktop app, or storing your prezis safely on your local drive, far away from the prying eyes and fingers of Internet gremlins.

Save Multiple Online Copies

If you choose not to go with a Prezi Pro license, you can protect your precious prezis by making frequent copies. Prezi’s autosave feature is as much of a curse as a blessing. Mistakes can be corrected using Undo (Ctrl-Z), but there are some actions that can’t be corrected this way. After a fruitless afternoon of editing, I often wish I could exit my prezi without saving it, reverting to the original copy. Autosave prevents me from doing this. You can protect your prezi by making frequent copies. Establish a manual system for keeping a current backup copy.

System for Saving Your Prezi Online

  • Exit the prezi at least once an hour
  • From the prezi’s landing page, select Save a Copy
  • Rename the title of the copied prezi using the current date and time
  • Return to the original prezi and continue editing

If you use this backup routine, you’ll need to delete your older copies regularly to save space. The free, Public Prezi account is limited to 100 MB of storage. With the Enjoy account (free for students and educators) you’ll get 4 GB. Unlimited storage gives you yet another reason to buy a Prezi Pro license.

***Prezi Next Update

This article was written before the release of Prezi Next in April, 2017. Like Prezi Classic, Prezi Next has an auto-save feature. It’s good practice to set up a routine of saving multiple copies of your projects for back-up purposes. The system outlined in this article will ensure that you always have a back-up copy of your project in case you need to revert to an earlier version. Prezi Next does not include to option of keeping an offline-only version of your project.