Prezi’s Major New Release

Prezi announced its latest release, Prezi Next, on April 25, 2017.  It’s a whole new platform designed with feedback from users of the original Prezi, which is now called Prezi Classic.  Feature highlights include presenter notes, viewer analytics, improved animations, and enhanced collaboration tools.

If you already have a Prezi account, you now have BOTH the original Prezi Classic and the new Prezi Next. As long as your subscription remains active, you’ll continue to have a comparable license for both Prezi products. Free account holders have a free Prezi Next Account. Pro Prezi license holders have a Premium Prezi Next license.

All of your old prezis are still intact. You can still edit them (and make new ones) using the original Prezi Editor. When you log in, you can choose either Prezi Next or Prezi Classic.  Prezi will continue to support Prezi Classic — it’s not going away –but all future enhancements will be focused on Prezi Next.

Prezi Classic and Prezi Next are two different products built on different technologies. You CANNOT CONVERT your presentations into Prezi Next,and you cannot migrate content from one platform to the other. If you want to use Prezi Next for your old presentations, you will have to build each presentation from scratch using the new platform.

The current TeachMePrezi courses: Basic Prezi Tutorial, Prezi Basics & Beyond, and Prezi Designer’s Workshop, are for Prezi Classic, not Prezi Next. You can find courses for Prezi Next on the Prezi website.

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