Custom Themes for Prezi Next

Prezi Classic: Custom themes allow you to save your favorite  fonts, colors, and background images to reuse in any prezi.

Prezi Next: Prezi Next does not support custom themes.

Workaround: Create a blank reusable prezi that has all the fonts, colors, and background images saved for reuse.

Themes in Prezi Classic


Every new prezi begins with a theme. It defines the look of the presentation. Even if a blank template is used, there is still a theme called Clear that contains the default settings. You can select a built-in theme or customize and save your own theme from the Customize window.

Prezi Next Templates

Prezi Next prezis take their fonts, colors, and backgrounds from the selected template. Style presets in the template determine the font family, size, and colors of text. There are five style presets: Title, Subtitle, Body, Subtitle 2, and Body 2.  Topics,  subtopics, shapes, arrows and lines take their colors and opacity from style presets, too. The theme colors that you see when you adjust the color of an element on the canvas are taken from the five line presets.

You can set these presets to any style that you like, but you can’t save them for reuse in other prezis.  One way to save time is to create a blank prezi, set all the presets, and save it as a kind of template to jump-start other prezis.

How to Create Your Own Reusable Template

Preparing the canvas

  1. Create a new prezi using the Blank White template.
  2. Select everything (Ctrl-A or Cmd-A) and delete.
  3. Give the prezi a descriptive name such as Corporate Style Template.

Setting the theme colors

  1. Select Arrows & Lines from the Insert menu.
  2. From the sidebar that appears, drag each of the five lines onto the canvas.
  3. Change the colors as needed.
  4. For each line, select it, right-click and select Update Style Preset. In addition to the presets, this also defines the theme colors.  When you change the colors of anything else on the canvas, these five colors are are the base colors used in the color selection window.

Setting the background and shape presets

  1. Customize the background to the color and gradient of your choice.
  2. Select Shapes from the Insert menu.
  3. From the sidebar that appears, drag each of the five triangles onto the canvas.
  4. Change the fill and border colors and border thickness as needed.
  5. For each shape, select it, right-click and select Update Style Preset.

Setting topic and subtopic presets

  1. Insert three topics on the Prezi Next canvas.
  2. Set each topic to one of the three style presets.
  3. Customize the fill color, opacity, border color, opacity, and width for each of the three topics.
  4. For each topic, select it, right-click and select Update Style Preset.

Setting the text presets and preparing the canvas

  1. Insert five text boxes, using a different preset for each text box.
  2. Customize the font, style, text and background color for each one.
  3. For each text box, select it, right-click and select Update Style Preset.
  4. Select everything on the canvas and delete to clear the canvas.

To reuse the stylized template you have created, make a copy of the prezi, change its name, and add your content as needed. Be careful not to delete or overwrite your template prezi. Always make a copy of it as the foundation for future prezis.

This blog article is a part of a series of workarounds to help Prezi Classic users make better use of Prezi Next. For more information like this check out our online course: Transition to Prezi Next.

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