Import PowerPoint into Prezi Next

Prezi Classic: Select Import PowerPoint from the Insert menu to choose which slides you want added to the canvas.

Prezi Next: No PowerPoint Import

Workaround: Manually save the slides as images and insert on to the canvas.

Prezi Next doesn’t have a built-in PowerPoint import. As an easy workaround, you can save your slides as individual images and insert them onto your Prezi canvas. This technique also works with Prezi Classic. Even though Prezi Classic includes a PowerPoint import, it’s very slow and can time out and crash on large slide decks.

Manually importing slides takes some time, but it’s worth the effort. You can control the resolution of the images and select just the slides you want included. From PowerPoint, save your slides as images, then insert them on the Prezi canvas. If the slides have animations, you can replicate that, too.

Export your PowerPoint Slides as Images (Windows)

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Select Save As from the File menu.
  3. Change the file type to jpg.
  4. From the Tools menu, select Compress Pictures. Check “Delete cropped areas of pictures” and set Target Output to “Screen.”
  5. When prompted, choose either all slides or just this one. Multiple slides will be saved as individual image in a zipped folder.
  6. Unzip the folder of images and insert the images one at a time onto the Prezi canvas.

Export your PowerPoint Slides as Images (Mac)

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Select Save As Pictures from the File menu.
  3. Set the file format to JPEG.
  4. Click Options and select either Current Slide or Every Slide.
  5. Set the width between 1600 and 2000px.
  6. Click Save.

PowerPoint Animations

When you save your slides as jpg images, PowerPoint does not take into consideration any animations. For example, if an image, then a title fade in when the PowerPoint is presented, the slide that is saved will include both the image and title. If you want to import the slide before the animations take effect, you can do this using screen captures. You can even recreate the animation in Prezi Classic or Next.

Capture Animated Slides

Set your monitor resolution to the image dimensions you need. Prezi recommends 1600 px wide for most images.

Display the PowerPoint slideshow on screen.

Advance to the slide you want to use in your prezi and capture the screen. Use Command-Shift-3 on a Mac. Alt-PrintScreen on a PC.

To capture the animation, advance through the presentation until the animation appears and make a second screen capture.

Layer the Images on the Prezi Canvas (Classic)

layer slides in prezi classicInsert the two slide images onto an invisible frame on the Prezi Canvas.

Layer the images so that the first slide is under the second, but position them so that you can select them one at a time.

From the Path mode, animate the invisible frame to fade in the top (second) slide.

Move the top slide directly over the bottom slide and resize them both to fill the invisible frame.

When presented, the first image will appear in the frame. When you advance, the second image will fade in over the first, animating the object on the slide.

Stack the Images on the Prezi Canvas (Next)

Add a topic or subtopic as a Stack on the Prezi Canvas.

Place the first image so that it fills the screen on the first page of the stack.

Copy and paste the page. Select it in the path sidebar, right-click and choose Copy, then paste.

Open the second (copied) page.

Click the image and select Replace Image, then select your second image. This will assure that the images line up perfectly in the stack.

When presented, the first image will fill the frame when you zoom to that subtopic. When you advance, the page of the stack will fade in over the first, animating the object on the slide.


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