Free Prezi of the Month: Hand-Drawn Concept Map

This Hand-Drawn Concept Map was originally designed by Ideas In Motion, a Seattle-based presentation design company.  I customized the theme of the original prezi so you can your own hand-drawn shapes with the Highlighter tool.

When you insert a shape, line, or arrow in the Prezi Editor, it looks too crisp and clean for this type of design. With the Highlighter tool you can add free-hand shapes and lines. The highlighter is normally slightly transparent so you can see text and objects layered underneath it, but I’ve changed the CSS code so the highlighter is a solid black line.

Read how to use the CSS Editor to adjust the Prezi highlighter in this mini-lesson: Adjust Your Prezi Transparency.

Open the Hand-Drawn Concept Map and click “Make a Copy” to reuse and customize this cool template.

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