which prezi account do you need?

Choosing the Right Prezi Account Type

The tiered pricing structures for Prezi Classic and Prezi Next can be confusing.  Your options depend on what type of account you had prior to April 25, 2017, when Prezi Next was released worldwide. Use the information below to make an informed decision on which Prezi Account is right for you. Paid Prezi Classic account: [...]

Prezi Next Workaround for Custom Themes

Prezi Classic: Custom themes allow you to save your favorite  fonts, colors, and background images to reuse in any prezi. Prezi Next: Prezi Next does not support custom themes. Workaround: Create a blank reusable prezi that has all the fonts, colors, and background images saved for reuse. Themes in Prezi Classic   Every new prezi [...]

How to Delete a Prezi Next Presentation

The Delete button is surprisingly hard to find when you want to remove an unwanted prezi from your Prezi Next dashboard. Watch this video to discover where to find the "hidden" Delete button.

Explore Other Prezis

Prezi Classic: Prezi Classic includes an Explore feature to search through millions of prezis by keyword. Prezi Next: There is no Explore feature in Prezi Next. Workaround: Search the built-in Prezi Next templates by keyword. There is currently no way to search for Prezi Next prezis that you have not created yourself. I find this [...]

Vector Images in Prezi Next

Prezi Classic: The only file format used for vector images in Prezi Classic is SWF. Prezi Next: SWF is an Adobe Flash file format. Since Flash is being discontinued, the new Prezi no longer supports SWF files. Workaround: Use the PDF file format with a white background to simulate a vector graphic with transparency. First, [...]

Import PowerPoint into Prezi Next

Prezi Classic: Select Import PowerPoint from the Insert menu to choose which slides you want added to the canvas. Prezi Next: No PowerPoint Import Workaround: Manually save the slides as images and insert on to the canvas. Prezi Next doesn't have a built-in PowerPoint import. As an easy workaround, you can save your slides as individual [...]

What Happened to the Prezi Path?

For many long-time Prezi users, getting used to the new Prezi Next has been difficult. Prezi Next is a new application, so it isn't as full-featured as the original Prezi Classic. This is the first of a series of articles to provide workarounds for getting Prezi Next to work more like Prezi Classic. Prezi Classic: [...]
WARNING Read this before you start a Prezi Next project

Read This BEFORE You Start a Prezi Next Project

The release of Prezi Next has been an exciting milestone for the product. Millions of Prezi users are starting to use it in place of Prezi Classic. Unfortunately, they don’t realize until it’s too late that there are several things that Prezi Next just can’t do. Know the limitations of Prezi Next before you start [...]
Business Briefing Prezi Template

Template of the Month – Business Briefing

This reusable Prezi Classic template comes from the Prezi Business Team. Its original intent is for presenting a monthly sales meeting, but it could be used for most a wide variety of meeting presentations. The template uses the visual metaphor of office workers gathered around a conference table strewn with reports. Invisible frames draw the [...]

Two Different Prezis – Which to Choose?

Prezi released a new version of its software, Prezi Next, on April 25, 2017. Feature highlights include presenter notes, viewer analytics, and enhanced collaboration tools. The original Prezi - Prezi Classic - is no longer available to new users. This doesn't mean you should give up on the old Prezi! Your account still works just [...]

Prezi’s Major New Release

Prezi announced its latest release, Prezi Next, on April 25, 2017.  It’s a whole new platform designed with feedback from users of the original Prezi, which is now called Prezi Classic.  Feature highlights include presenter notes, viewer analytics, improved animations, and enhanced collaboration tools. If you already have a Prezi account, you now have BOTH the [...]

The New Prezi Player

Have you noticed that Prezi has a new player? It’s subtle, so you might not have seen any differences. You’ll know you’re using the new player if you see a “Switch Back” button underneath your prezi.   For obvious reasons, the Switch Back button won’t show if you’re viewing a full screen or embedded prezi. […]

Free Prezi of the Month: Hand-Drawn Concept Map

This Hand-Drawn Concept Map was originally designed by Ideas In Motion, a Seattle-based presentation design company.  I customized the theme of the original prezi so you can your own hand-drawn shapes with the Highlighter tool. When you insert a shape, line, or arrow in the Prezi Editor, it looks too crisp and clean for this type of design. [...]

Protect Your Prezi!

It breaks my heart to hear about crucial Prezi presentations that have been lost into the online ether. Whether this is caused by computer glitches, human error, or Internet gremlins, it can cause no end of grief. If you’ve got a sales meeting, keynote, master’s thesis, or any other presentation that absolutely can’t go wrong, […]

Free Prezi of the Month – Org Chart

Here's a simple but useful Org Chart template from the Design Team at Prezi. I love the idea of presenting an organizational chart as a prezi. Why? Prezi's capability of drilling in to the details and zooming back out to the big picture is ideal for this kind of application. Unlike a typical org chart [...]

Step Off the Prezi Path

If you’ve ever used one of Prezi’s built-in templates or layouts, you know that they include path steps for every frame. The path steps determine the sequence you’ll take as you progress through the presentation. You’ll see the path steps in the Path sidebar on the left side of the Editor. Think of the path [...]

Free template of the month – January 2017

Do you need to present a2016 company Year in Review? How about a prezi outlining your Strategy & Planning for 2017? The designers at Prezi have created templates for both these year-end presentations. Both of the prezis shown below include an impressive set of assets for reuse. There are several pre-built charts including bar charts, scatter [...]

What’s Next for Prezi?

It’s no secret that Prezi plans to release a new version of their software in the near future. The Prezi that we know and love will soon be replaced, since Internet browsers will no longer use Flash. Adobe (Shockwave) Flash is software used to stream and view graphics, animation, and multi-media. It was once the [...]

How to keep your prezis organized

It’s the New Year and it’s time to get organized. Did you know that you can organize your prezis, too? You can use filters and folders to keep everything neat and tidy. Filters Filters are built-in and can’t be customized. They are found in the top left corner of the “Your Prezis” page. The three [...]

Free Prezi Template of the Month – December 2016

Here’s a Prezi template for you to enjoy this holiday season. I altered an old prezi from the Prezi Team to come up with this one just for fun. It’s got lots of quirky graphic elements for you to play with. Whatever your plans for this holiday season, I hope you get to spend it [...]

Free Prezi Template of the Month — November 2016

Sometimes you need to use the KISS principle and Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. Simple templates can be more attractive and effective than the more complex ones. This template uses a limited color palette and a simple design. One thing that I like about it is the transparency of the frames. Each one is solid enough to [...]

Clearing out the “Your Prezis” page

If someone shares their prezi with you, it continues to appear in your Prezi library even after you are finished viewing it. This can be annoying since it takes up space alongside your own prezis. To “unshare” yourself from a prezi follow these steps: Click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the prezi [...]

Free Prezi Template of the Month – October 2016

I used this Bulletin Board template as an orientation to my course, The Prezi Online Workshop. It’s an attractive way to present information arranged into groups, using the visual metaphor of a cork bulletin board. You can place lists of items  as if they are jotted down on notes tacked onto the board. Graphics and titles [...]

Free Prezi Template of the Month – September 2016

This template uses an interesting reveal technique. It starts on an image of test tubes, zooms in to each tube to display details, then zooms back out to the test tubes. This seems like it could be the end, but it's not. Instead, it zooms out even more to reveal that the test tubes are [...]

Free Template of the Month – August 2016

Do you have summer vacation plans? Don't let your travel memories fade away. Create a travel journal to document your adventures. A really fun way to share a travel journal with your friends is by putting into a prezi. This template was designed by Beatriz Galbis, as an entry for Prezi's Template Design Challenge. Beatriz [...]

Announcing Prezi Business – a Whole New Prezi!

Prezi announced a major product release this month. In addition to Prezi, they now offer Prezi Business. Their intent was to design a simpler version of Prezi, specifically for presentations that are created and shared in a business environment. It’s easy and fast but limited in functionality. Gone is the infinite canvas - there are [...]
Free reusable basketball Prezi template

Free Prezi Template of the Month – July 2016

This fun Basketball Template from the Prezi Team is meant for a sales presentation comparing a company with its competitors. It could be used equally well for any presentation that compares two competing concepts. The designers have included many additional graphics assets and even additional layouts to customize your prezi. Use the big picture overview to show how […]

How to switch Prezi templates

If you’re PowerPoint user, you know how quick and easy it is to switch templates. If you don’t like the look of your presentation, switching the template will immediately change the background images, fonts, and colors for all your slides. The Slide Master keeps your PowerPoint structure intact even if you change the template. When [...]

Free Prezi Template of the Month – June 2016

One of the best things about Prezi is its huge database. It contains the world's largest collection of public presentations - over 190 million of them! A large percentage of them are reusable, which means you can create a copy of a prezi and use it as your own. Find great reusable presentations using the [...]
Free Prezi 3D Earth Template

Free Prezi Template of the Month – May 2016

This 3-Dimensional World template is one of the most popular templates on our Pinterest Free Templates board. It's been around for a while, but it's so versatile and appealing that we wanted to share it as our free template of the month. Part of this prezi's appeal are its vivid white block letters that orbit the [...]