How to control transparency in Prezi

Adjust your prezi transparency

You can change the colors of Prezi elements using the Theme Wizard. It’s a handy tool to adjust the color of our your frames, shapes, and arrows, but you can’t change how solid they appear. The transparency of an element can range from completely opaque to completely invisible. You can’t adjust this in the Theme Wizard. To change a prezi transparency level, you need to use the CSS Editor.

This tool allows you to make adjustments to the CSS, or Cascading Style Sheet, for your prezi. You can adjust colors, borders, transparency, and gradients for the prezi’s theme, but you need to be familiar with the CSS programming language to use it. This article won’t make you an expert in CSS, but if you follow the instructions below you can use the CSS Editor to adjust the transparency of the Prezi highlighter. This example will familiarize you with how the CSS Editor works.

WARNING: Use extreme caution when using the CSS Editor. Changes you make are not easily reversed, and mistakes in the syntax can actually lock up your prezi. Before attempting these steps, make a copy of your prezi and only make changes to the copy. That way, you can always go back to your original prezi if something goes wrong.

Use CSS to adjust Prezi transparency:

  1. In the copy of your prezi, click Customize in the top center of the Prezi Editor.
    Use CSS to adjust prezi transparency - via
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the right-hand pane and click on the Advanced button.
    Use CSS to adjust prezi transparency - via
  3. This will open the Theme Wizard window. Click on the link at the bottom of the window, Use the Prezi CSS Editor.
    Use CSS to adjust prezi transparency - via
  4. This opens a floating window where you can change some of the codes in the CSS, or Cascading Style Sheet.
    Use CSS to adjust prezi transparency - via
  5. Scroll down the CSS Editor window until you see the selector called, free-marker. The codes beneath free-marker define the attributes of the Prezi highlighter.
  6. Locate the property called, alpha, below the free-marker selector.
  7. Change the alpha value to adjust the transparency level.
  8. Click the Apply button
    Use CSS to adjust prezi transparency - via

A value of 1 will make the highlighter completely opaque. Zero will make it completely transparent. You can enter a value between 0 and 1 to adjust it somewhere between the two extremes.

Things to remember

Be very cautious when using the CSS Editor. Always practice your changes first before applying them to a critical file. Make only one change at a time, and be sure to click the Apply button to review the adjustment. The Undo command, Ctrl-Z, will usually work after you have clicked Apply, but it’s best to play it safe.