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Free Prezi Template:

  • Free Prezi of the Month – Org Chart

    Here’s a simple but useful Org Chart template from the Design Team at Prezi. I love the idea of presenting an organizational chart as a prezi. Why? Prezi’s capability of drilling in to the details and zooming back out to the big picture is ideal for this kind of application.

    Unlike a typical org chart that just lists the staff names and positions, a Prezi org chart can include a myriad of details in each node of the chart. For example, each box could contain the person’s picture, responsibilities, experience, background, even more personal tidbits like family, hobbies, and favorite quote. This extra information helps the viewer really connect with these people in a way that a typical org chart could never hope to.

    The design team thoughtfully included lots of assets to help you customize this template, and even a tutorial to guide you in customizing it for your own use.

    Open the Org Chart Template and click “Make a Copy” to reuse and customize this template.

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